Well come to House of Shen ~ ‘Enlightening the Human Experience’.

What does that actually mean?

 In a lot of cases the human experience can be painful, uncomfortable, feel suffocating and scary. On the other end of the spectrum is beauty, love, laughter, happiness and pleasure – and the reality is, we are living such fast paced lives we often lean towards the lesser of this spectrum. House of Shen provides support for the heavy weight that can be experienced amongst humanity. This support points towards enligtenment of the human experience. A space we can all acheive with the right alchemy. 

How do we offer to balance out this spectrum?

 It is through healing. Yay to healing! House of Shen is all about healing. Healing with Nature & Healing with Healers.  Healing so we ALL can experience Divine Purity. Healing our relationship with ourselves which sometimes calls for assitance from nature. 

Purity is a big title to hold. 

It takes commitment and work , strong visioning , integrity, truth & ongoing integration- constructing & deconstructing.

These are hard pillars to maintain under societies current model. Constant diversions, demand for business, image pressures, toxicity and the relentless anxieties about financial security. A space that does not cater for balance or peace. House of Shen is committed to ensuring purity is held by removing the desire for personal gain. We offer donation based medicines and referrals to incredible healers & teacherds for the world to have. Its the only way that pure light can remain within. Are we broke… yes, but that is not important. 

Maintaining Purity with Healing…

Thankfully the ‘natural medicine world’ has re-emerged to support our stressful lives. But upon this emersion, we have noticed that it has gathered some unwanted, un-ethical forces like: Fashion, Marketing Strategies, Greed , Toxcicty, Pyramid Schemes and above all, disempowerment to the ‘consumer’. For us, this does not blend well with healing. We are not consumers, we are all healers. We need high vibrational medicine to extend our healing potential. Science is amazing but it is redirecting the focus away from our ability to tune in. Tune into the greatest answer, our spirit, our intuition and our unique nature. The remedy is not captured into a ‘product’. The right remedy is within all of us. Remembering this is how we are to maintain purity in healing. Yes it is true that science and medicine is available to help us, and this approach to pharmaceuticals has its own right, however approaching Nature & Plant based medicine is not the same. 

We believe that the greatest power lies within you when working with Natural Medicines. All ancient traditions believe that the highest form of medicine is spirit, and so do we. We support you to step outside of being a ‘consumer’  and  tune into Spirit to assist your healing journey. Nature has a way of supporting us to heal ourselves, not do all the work for us.

Here we provide opportunity to access High Radiant Healers and Pure Ceremonial Grade Plant based medicines. Both carrying the high vibration that is needed to support us to be able to tune into our highest potential, our spirit. We want everyone to feel better so we can make better decisions and move forward as a collective. 

Everything that you will find here has made a positive impact in our own and our clients journeys to wellbeing and we want to share that. It has all landed here through the golden light of healing ~ it has followed the thread of Purity. 

We want you to get to know us , (if you haven’t already)…. please get in touch or take a look at our bio’s. 

With Love & Gratitude we say Thank you for your support and blessings on your healings.

Meet The Team..

Originally created through dreaming by Kelly (picture), House of Shen naturally gathered support from others. The others are: Max~Well, Diane, Kalif, Eagle Foot & the newest member She. Without these dedicated spirits this dreaming would not be avaiable to share. It is these strong souls that have kept the foundations manifested and alive. For those who support this prayer, if you havent already, I am sure you will come to presence with this team. With love, thank you so much. 


The Altar

All the medicine comes before, during & after the Altar. It is where the magick hapens. The Altar is held by: Great Goddess Ises, Bhaisajyaguru ~ The Medicine Buddha, Shivago Komarpaj, Great Owl, Great Frog, Great Snake, Earth, Air, Fire , Water , Ancestors of wisdom & healing, Budai ~ Laughing Buddha, Great Kookaburra , the God Horus, the Goddess Bastet and the Great Falcon. Thank you a million times over again & again.