Well come to House of Shen ~ ‘Enlightening the Human Experience’.

What does that actually mean?

 In a lot of cases the human experience can be painful, uncomfortable, feel suffocating and pointless. On the other end of the spectrum, unfortunately not experienced as often is: beauty, love, laughter, happiness and pleasure.

How do we balance out this spectrum?

 It is through healing. Yay to healing! House of Shen is all about healing. Healing with Nature & Healing with Healers.  Healing so we ALL can experience Divine Purity.

Purity is a big title to hold. 

It takes commitment and work , strong visioning , integrity, truth & ongoing integration- constructing & deconstructing.

These are hard pillars to maintain under societies current model. Constant diversions, demand for business, image pressures, toxicity and the relentless anxieties about financial security keeps us in fight & flight. A space that does not cater for peace. 

We are trying to make balancing the spectrum easier. 

Enlightening the human experience here on Mother Earth. 

How do we do that?

Thankfully the ‘natural medicine world’ has re-emerged to support our stressful lives. But upon this emersion, we have noticed that it has gathered some unwanted, un-ethical forces like: Fashion, Marketing Strategies, Greed , Pyramid Schemes and above all, disempowerment to the ‘consumer’. For us, this does not blend well with healing.

How to maintain purity in healing? Who can you trust?

The only answer we have is: You! Your instincts!

We believe that the greatest power lies within you. All ancient traditions believe that the highest form of medicine is spirit, and so do we. We support you to step outside of being a ‘consumer’  and  tune into Spirit to assist your healing journey. 

Here we provide opportunity to access Pure Plant Medicines & contact for experienced high radiant healers, and we know this because we have experienced it. Everything that you will find here has made a positive impact in our lives and we want to share that. It has all landed here through the golden light of healing ~ it has followed the thread of Purity. 

We want you to get to know us , (if you haven’t already)…. please get in touch or take a look at our bio’s. 

With Love & Gratitude we say Thank you for your support and blessings on your healings.