Well~come. House of Shen is a direct translation of one woman’s dreaming.  A dream of connection to our selves, each other and above most – our mother earth. 

My given name is Kelly and I am the creator of HOS.  I have spent over 15years in dedication to healing myself and others. House of Shen has become a platform for Enlightening the Human Experience.  

One thing that holds great resonance from the years of being faced with trauma, illness and chronic dis-ease- both personal and professional……is that we are all feeling. Whether we choose to act on it instantly or wait until it presents its self through dysfunction, the same patterns are occurring throughout the human experience. We are acting against our true feelings. These ‘patterns’ I refer to are entwined with our lifestyle here in the West. The lifestyle of speed, pressure, business, competition, stress , image and constant need for survival. I know it because I did it too. 

It took Cancer for me to figure out that the only way we are to shift towards a more aligned future is to actually be the change I want to see. This meant, letting go of ‘the business’ , the ‘financial desire’, the ‘high expectations’ , ‘ success’ , being a empowering super strong invincible woman on the 20th Century. I saw that even though, I was approaching my life in a holistic manner and doing all the ‘right’ things,  I still had the strings of survival in society attached. I still played in the fire. So what changed? Everything…

I no longer ‘run a business’…instead I offer a relationship of truth, integrity and trust.

In 2018 House of Shen started its movement towards becoming a NON-FOR PROFIT prayer. A prayer where practices that assist in moving towards deep peace are served with the truth that I feel from the depths of my peaceful self. 

 This truth I speak of is : taking responsibility for the outcome of my actions and what effect & resonance this has on the earth. This is how I feel I can best create peace for our children’s children’s children to come. 

So what is available at House Of Shen?

– One on One practices

-Pure Ceremonial Grade Essential Oils~ Retail & Wholesale

-Group Circles, Gatherings, Workshops, Short Courses, Meditations