Hello! I am Kelly, the Creator of House of Shen. Yes I am a healer, a feeler, a life & spirit helper.

This is my dreaming, my visions and commitment of service for light here on Mother Earth….and I named it “House of Shen”. This simply translates to HEART.

How life has been presented to me did not make sense or feel right from a very young age.

The demand of the western world we are expected to live in feels like , best described – “gentle torture” or “slavery”. I am sure if you have reached this page- you may share a similar feeling. That the world has been hard to live in and is going in a direction that feels even harder to keep up with. So good news is, you are not alone!

From a young age I have felt a resistance occur from the interaction with the outside world, I noticed that it was not supportive of my inner feelings or my ‘unique nature’. Examples…. not being able to rest when my body feels tired due to expectations to fit into a scheduled school/ work time-frame…. Or eat the nutrient dense food that my body craved in order to grow in health simply due to the expense of it! (bit odd that the most harmful foods were always the cheapest) ..another HUGE example- being told that there was ‘no time’ for my feelings and to ‘stop feeling them!!!!  I now see this was ultimately due to whatever pre-conditioning the elders had received in their lives and the reality was- in those moments the conditioning was being passed on to me. I fell into the trap of disconnection. I fell deep into the belief that my unique nature was not welcomed. I fell into looking outside for the answers. I fell deeply into imbalance and dis-ease.

Healing is now a ‘new age’ fashion and let me tell you I am passionate about truth…. So, healing is not “love light & rainbow fairy dust” Healing can be painful, uncomfortable, scary even feel terrifying at moments but let me assure you IT IS WORTH EVERY MOMENT OF IT. These are the moments we need to re-establish our true , authentic incredible miracle selves. That classic saying “to make a omelette we must crack some eggs”… yep literally…even through healing my own drug addictions, endometriosis, breast cancer & lymphoma….. I now still believe that the work that has been put in to clear these patterns of self-destruction have been the BEST things that ever happened in my life.

I am older now, have ‘clawed’ (ing) to the light of life in each day and I am radiant, shining bright and completely in service to you and your healing. (aka kick ass omlette) 

If you are ready to sit in your seat of power of health, vitality and LOVE for life then please get in touch! I have so far assisted hundreds of people in one on one sessions working through common and not so common imbalances.

If you are looking for partner or group work, please get in touch also to discuss the potentials. 

So in trust, I look forward to hearing from you.

I send blessing to you on your journey of freedom, House of Shen or not.

With Love x