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Here at House of Shen we practice blended modalities. We understand the body and mind from a Western approach =

  • body dynamics & kinetics
  • anatomy, physiology
  • neurophysiology
  • laws of physics 
  • all the “facts” that our growing studies of science has discovered 


We also incorporate the teachings of our past before science evolved which we describe as the East= 

Traditional Chinese Medicine (China) 

Chakras (Hinduism/ Budism)

Homeopathics (German) 

Vibrational Sound Therapy (universal) 

Native American purifications

Essential Oils (universal) and so on………


When combined together you have opportunity to achieve optimal living and health as we believe that is not one way that dominates…but a combination of both Mind, Body, Emotion, Spirit, Nutrition & Dynamic structure.

The qualified name for this modality is Mind & Body Medicine  and Kinesiology. This is House of Shen.


I have been having treatments with Kelly for about 12 months and have found them very effective..

When I first started I was 118kg very unconfident & depressed. Working with Kelly has made me regain my sense of worth, given me purpose and clarity.

I am now a very different person.

I feel happy, energetic (that may have something to do with me loosing 22kg) and almost like I did when I was young.

I have lost that ‘fog’ and now am enthusiastic and positive about my future.

A. B Jindabyne


I have been going to Kinesiology with Kelly for over 1 year now. I initially started because of my anxiety and through working with her she has not only relieved my anxiety but has also resolved an array of other internal medical conditions as well. I feel better than ever and am evidently a lot healthier in regards to my mind and body. I am so grateful that I begin kinesiology because it has helped me so much and I will continue to go to Kelly if any other issue arises.

E.L Cooma


In the few times that I have seen Kelly now she’s left such a enormous positive impact on my life! I couldn’t describe in words the changes I’ve felt and experienced since last year when I first found House of Shen. An extremely skilled and gifted lady.

E. & R. Jindabyne

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