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Natural Therapies have been used since the beginning of time. Our Body has a innate ability to restore balance and create wellness.

Western studies provide generous information to support that the communication & connection of the Mind, Body and Energy System greatly effect our Performance and Longevity 

House of Shen has been assisting hundreds of people of all ages with Physical, Mental, Emotional or even spiritual imbalances using a combination of teachings from the East & the West. 


Sports & Professional Performance Specialist.
“Your Mind matters” (like east & west) “Performance” is every given moment, with every given opportunity. How we respond to these moment creates our life experience and our destiny. The neurology & communication that occurs within us can be out-dated to fit our current circumstance and be detrimental for us to live to our fullest potential.... Success. Training the body is only half of the work, when we consider the minds influence on our physical performance we are expanding greater opportunity to experience our dreams.
Feminine Health & Wellbeing
Today us women live just as fast as the men, we have equality in our homes, professions and societal expectations ....... And every 28 days we bleed. For most of us, its a struggle .We experience intense pain, mood swings, infertility and lethargy and so on. We need a balanced menstruation so we can achieve our goals- its simple.
We all understand the struggles but do we know the strengths? House of Shen specialising in restoring a healthy cycle so we can continue to flow in life 😉 😉 No painkillers, No IUD’s, No prescriptions.... Sounds dreamy? Don’t hesitate! Book in now!
Anxiety & Depression

Experiencing some level of  Anxiety & Depression is a natural state of being, but when our life is revolved around the episodes of it- we need to de-sensitise this active stress.

Treating these conditions with Synthetic drugs is best as a short term remedy as the toxicity of the drugs will create a ongoing problem.

You can live a life that you love.  You just need the right recipe. 

House of Shen can discover the active stress pathways of the Central Nervous System that is causing these episodes and together we can restore smooth flow. 


Whether its constant or comes and goes, pain is trying to communicate with us. Its physiological.  Don’t just “cope it” - explore the value in the communication of the Body.  

Pain is a remarkable gift that invites us to make the best changes for a healthy life. 

Assisting: Chronic Pain, Lower Back Pain, Postural, Traumatic, Menstrual, Headaches, Joint Pain, Restless Legs.

Find out more about Kinesiology, Mind & Body Medicine, Counselling, Vibrational Therapy & Essential Oils, Chakra Healing , Acupressure, Homeopathics , Medicine Massage.


I have been having treatments with Kelly for about 12 months and have found them very effective…When I first started I was 118kg very unconfident & depressed. Working with Kelly has made me regain my sense of worth, given me purpose and clarity.  I am now a very different person.  I feel happy, energetic (that may have something to do with me loosing 22kg) and almost like I did when I was young.  I have lost that ‘fog’ and now am enthusiastic and positive about my future.

A. B Jindabyne


I have been going to Kinesiology with Kelly for over 1 year now. I initially started because of my anxiety and through working with her she has not only relieved my anxiety but has also resolved an array of other internal medical conditions as well. I feel better than ever and am evidently a lot healthier in regards to my mind and body. I am so grateful that I begin kinesiology because it has helped me so much and I will continue to go to Kelly if any other issue arises.

E.L Cooma


In the few times that I have seen Kelly now she’s left such a enormous positive impact on my life! I couldn’t describe in words the changes I’ve felt and experienced since last year when I first found House of Shen. An extremely skilled and gifted lady.

E. & R. Jindabyne

House of Shen was created from my experience in life. I spent over 17yrs in dis-ease & chronic pain- I did what most people do, go to the Dr’s to find out whats going on… endless scans, ultrasounds etc occurred and the end result was always the same, unresolved and prescribed.

Being so young and no educated support, I took the medication and medicated myself with endless amount of drugs- of all kinds. I could not get further away from myself even if I tried. Naturally I deteriorated. Emotionally, Physically, Mentally and the spark of my spirit was non-existent.

You know what its like, you pick up a card… then that same sign stands out to you as if it was “meant to be”- I found this therapist.. who was holistic???   and WOW! 

My symptoms decreased… I did however have to work on this, dive deep and open wide. Each day my wellness became more obvious and the love for life started to seep in.

Within these moments of gratitude I suddenly realised “Why did I suffer for so long?????? Why don’t they teach this in the schools?? Why isn’t this available to all???

It was here my direction changed completely. With my story and experience I dedicated my life to this service for myself and our communities…. Holistic living is not the only way to health but is a VITAL part of it.

To Shen or not to Shen… either way I wish you well.