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The Essential Journey to Healing the Mind & Spirit

Hello! Aloha! Ciao! Aho spirited ones!

I would like to take you on a journey to learn about how to emphasise the connection to your Essential Oils & knowing how to greater you healing experience. Whether in your daily life , with loved ones or for your clients.

Come along to “The Essential Journey to Healing the Mind & the Spirit” created by me @ House of Shen.

The journey is well balanced with emphasis both on the importance of the olfaction system (smell) and specifically how it relates to our brain and ultimately the body. Yet it also dives into energetics, meditation, healing , chakra association , 5 element theory and the special connection we have to the plant kingdom within our Mother Earth.


The interaction between human kind and the use of plants is lost in history, as we have been using plantbased products for wellbeing far longer than our ability to write and document and it is now with the rise of “The essential oil fashion” we need to reclaim this connection for the greater good of our communities and our future generations and not through pyramid schemes.

So I have put together a day for all to come and experience. The day includes a map of the Body/ Mind/ Spirit and all in-between that we will gracefully match with a selection of oils. Everyone will have a opportunity to explore through the senses and blend your own medicinal oil to take home. Yay!

Snacks & Nibbles are provided for you to be nurtured in our relaxed atmosphere. Yep, bring pillows- comfort is key.

Whether you are wanting to host your own for a special event or are interested in the next upcoming workshop please get in touch here….

Walking With The Moon

Lets give our teens a helping hand to understand the chaos that can be experienced on the journey to womanhood. Where else are the teachings available? FB is defiantly not guiding them in the right direction.

Cause lets face it…. Life can be hard and being on a rollercoaster of hormones can not only make us feel insane emotions, but out physical body changes and it is at these moments we need to learn how to nurture ourselves so we can be in our full power….. the whole month.

This is a teenage girl workshop designed with Intention to give our daughters, our future mothers of the world a greater understanding on how best to manage their health & wellbeing- holistically, so they can actually create their dreams!

Come and understand how to prevent Whilst learning how to:
  • Break- outs
  • Upset tummies
  • Mood swings
  • Pain
  • Food cravings
  • Be confident
  • Intuitive
  • Expressive
  • Wise
  • Self Nurturing
  • Connected

This is a relaxed & chilled out Girls hang out. Yep… no boys allowed. (wahoo!) Bring your girlfriends and experience real connection amongst other girls, sharing our unique selves. Lunch & Snacks are provided… and healthy chocolate! (all girls need healthy chocolate)

Returning to Senses Weekend Retreat

For those of you who have heard of Ondrej Bursik, you will know how amazing he is not only as a Holistic Therapist, a Teacher but also as a human being. Being able to spend time with him is enjoyable to say the least and rewarding for the intellects. For those that have not heard of him-He is the creator of Optimal Learning Centre in Sydney-specialising in drug free solutions for “childrens mental health” , is a Directive principle at the Collegue of Complementary Medicine, a international teacher of The Energetic Chakra System and a incredible parent & friend.


Together we complete the balance in retreat- equally experienced with energetics & both inspired to share these teachings amongst the interested, we have created a Retreat that emphasises on the senses & the neurological connection to the Mind & Body.

We have both taken a incredible interest in the reality of the holistic movement in Essential Oils and how important it is to educate the power of the Plant Kingdom and the historical relationship we have had with it.

Come along for a weekend of creative learning, wholesome interactive experiences, relaxation & rejuvenation and of course…. Mother nature.

Sssshhhh…New Project

Ssssshhh….. its not here yet but its coming!

I cant even say too much, but Im BURSTING at the seams. Well just so you know, I am currently working on a world changing project! For the greater good!

My web designer doesn’t even know about it yet… its that secret.


Good things take time and as we speak I am gracefully learning the art of “rome wasn’t built in a day” kinda vibe…..and my closest friends would understand this… Kel your so full on.. so yes, I need to let out just a bit of creative steam so I can breath.

Sneaky Peak….

“mastering the art of Life threatening illness” by House of Shen.

Stay tuned.

With Love x