This page is in current transformation. To come: This will be a platform for healers. Not the type that make you have to come back continuosly to ‘heal your black heart’, I am talking about the ones that align you back to spirit, back to the power & conciousness to connect to the inner wisdom you have to heal yourself. The healers healers.   

If you are here, you are ready, so take it. Take the opportunity to step into your seat of power now on your Earth Walk. It is calling you, listen.

For the first timers, Natural Medicine ,or what I like to call it …Healing,  has been used since the beginning of time. Evolving through the dedicated meditators & enlightened beings of our communities. Encouraging the understadning that our Body has a innate ability to restore balance and create wellbeing. We do however become off balance with distraction, nature assists us to regain the required frequency to tune back in to this awareness and communication of spirit. This is where ‘natural medicines’ come into play. When a frequency is missing, it can be replaced with nature. (not used as a preventive ~ like most “products” are marketing today.)

 Science continues to provide us with evidence that the Mind effects the Body and that our Energetic system greatly impacts our physical being. Acheiving health is not one nor the other, but both….a combination of Science & Nature, Mind & Body, Spirit & Plant, East & West.

Feminine Health & Wellbeing~ Healing Endometriosis
Today us women live just as fast as the men, we have equality in our homes, professions and societal expectations ....... And every 28 days we bleed. For most of us, its a struggle .We experience intense pain, mood swings, infertility and lethargy and so on. We need to know how to balance our cycle so we can continue to kick butt and achieve our goals- its simple.
I specialise in menstruation difficulties. I restored balance to my own diagnosed endometriosis and have assisted tonnes of women with all their womanly complaints. There is no need to just put up with the pains or the psycho mood swings in our homes..... find out more! 
Anxiety & Depression

Experiencing some level of  Anxiety & Depression is a natural state of being, but when our life is revolved around the episodes of it- we need to de-sensitise this active stress.

Treating these conditions with Synthetic drugs is best as a short term remedy, everything has its place.

You can live a life that you love.  You just need the right recipe, the Anxiety / Drepression is showing you something. Open the doors to see it, soften the heart to hear and above all, give your self time to recieve it. 

House of Shen can discover the active stress pathways of the Central Nervous System that is causing these episodes and together we can restore smooth flow. 

Nutrition & Detoxification

Detoxification is a part of every spiritual & religious practice, but it has long been forgotten in the mist of the modern world. When the body has stopped being exposed to toxins, inflammation and stress, we naturally detox. Yes there is much to be said for using supporting medicines to assist the allimination of toxins but the key starting point is to STOP. Stop allowing toxins, inflammation and stress effect our organs. Get in touch to enrol as a student of health now. 

Find out more about Kinesiology, Mind & Body Medicine, Counselling, Vibrational Therapy & Essential Oils, Chakra Healing , Acupressure, Homeopathics , Medicine Massage.

What is Kinesiology?

A question I often respond differently to, depending on who is asking it.

Why? That depends on your level of perception and the understanding that everything is connected is some way or another.

For some, a simple explanation is that – ‘I assist the levels of stress within the structures of the body’

For others= The body has a surrounding and within it a electrical network or grid. When anything… I mean anything, does not enhance or maintain your body’s health or balance it impacts this electrical system and muscles cannot hold the strength against physical pressure- this is called Muscle Monitoring.

This relationship between the body’s electrical network and muscular system is a natural part of the human system and falls within the laws of Physics- Their is NOTHING magical or mystical about it. Using this technique can assess layers of stress in a unbiased way. It allows a way to communicate to your whole body and beyond. Ultimately you can see what is supportive or beneficial to your health & wellbeing and what is not. Truely a modality of great assistance in todays health practices.

What is Mind & Body Medicine (MBM)?

This modality highlights the connection of the Mind & Body.

Here we understand the brain and the response to stimulus. The body, including your posture, is controlled by our Central Nervous System. Our CNS is controlled by our brain. Our brain responds   to how we perceive our environment. This is how the Mind effects the Body. How we think or are responding effects the way we move and/or perform.

Our digestion is a manifestation of our CNS and what we put into it- digestive disorders are the number one cause of all dis-ease.

This modality now has sufficient evidence based studies to support the theory and as much as you may or may not make the connection yet…. Your mind has a positive and or negative impact on your physical body.  Combining this with Kinesiology can bring to the surface your motivating cause of your dis-ease/ illness/ condition

What is Qi/ Energy & "Shen”?

In most traditions/ teachings their is a greater concept. A concept that we do not end just at the physical layer. That their is a energy that we carry. A spirit/ vibe/ essence and so on….In the west energy its classified as ATP (adenosine triphosphate). We have energy in every cell so that makes us energetic beings as much as we are physical beings…..but energy doesnt stop at the outer layer of skin…Energy is all around us. Air, trees, flowers, birds, bees, animals, weather planets etc…. their is a infinite connection to everything through energy/ qi.

The Shen is a term used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Shen includes all the aspects of our consciousness, covering the whole human complex of mind, emotions, intelligence, personality, awareness and spirit. Shen governs the Spirit Conciousness of self. It resides in our Heart. House of Shen includes the concept of Shen as this is the DIRECT difference between East & Western Medicine approach. We believe health does not come from one but both.


House of Shen provides Confidential, Client Centred, Compassionate approach to counselling sessions. Whether it is for Couples, Parent- Child or just yourself. A space of no judgements where you can be heard and respected for the bravery of sharing your truth. 

Vibrational Therapies

Call it Chromotherapy, Audio Therapy, Therapeutic touch and so on, at the base of all of it, we are vibrational beings prone to vibrational imbalances that can effect us on many levels.

When a particular frequency/ vibration meets another, they unite into similarity. This is a basic understanding of how vibrational therapy works to assist in desensitising & harmonising the vibrational state of your being. 

Chakra Healing

Thankfully this ancient method of restoring balance of the Mind & Body is more commonly known than other forms of natural medicine & has copious amounts of available information to support it.

Chakras are, put simply, major energetic point of the body. These points all govern certain organs, nerves, thoughts & feelings. When imbalanced they can have devastating effects on our life experience.

Using various combinations of vibrational, natural and relaxing techniques- one can tune a chakra to a balanced oscillation. In return assisting the flow of energy in the area of which it governs.


The meridians and “channels” of energy flow documented in Traditional Chinese Medicine is a powerful form to restore health & wellbeing. Acupressure is like acupuncture but without the needles. 

Gentle Applied pressure from either the therapist or a therapeutic tool is used to tonify the stressed points of energy/ qi to one or many of the Meridians. 

Medicine Massage

Our bodies long for touch. It is a essential part for Brain Development and can bring ease to the greatest pains. This massage sequence is guided by listening to your body and what it needs. It is customised to meet the exact requirements for the moment. 

Menstruating with Pain? Sometimes the body just need love in one area- here is the space where you can bring your tender body to be nourished and nurtured when bleeding. Lower Back, Digestion, Ovaries and breast also need care- a holistic approach to attending to your unique needs in that time of the month. 


Homeopathy has been used for over 200 years safely & effectively Using Natural injestable remedies to assist all types of symptoms.

The theory is that “like treats like” . The original and natural birthing of todays toxic vaccinations. 

Essential Oils

Who should Visit?


All ages, abilities, spiritual beliefs and conditions are welcome. For the Younger generation, a creative art therapy practice has been designed to assist states of stress, look on the workshop page for more information about this process.

Often I see people that have ‘tried everything’ and still no progression on their condition. If this is you, don’t waste anymore time… book in!!!!!  

Often I see people visiting when their health is in a state of pain, trauma and illness….the unfortunate manifestation of ongoing neglection to the underlying stress…due mostly to they way we live…….prevention rather than cure is the ultimate goal!

If you are after a quick fix- this may not be the best avenue for you, as most conditions need a few sessions to be restored. 

House of Shen has been assisting all ages with the following conditions:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Digestive Problems
  • Menstruation & Fertility Disorders. 
  • Pain—- of all sorts.
  • Trauma  


What to Expect?



There is no set format or protocol that is involved in a session, each person is unique.

You can expect remedy & relaxation. Common techniques may be used if required throughout the session:

  • Neuromuscular-skeletal Techniques
  • Muscle Monitoring
  • Homeopathic’s
  • Acupressure
  • Sound Vibrational Healing
  • Colour Therapy
  • Essences
  • Essential Oils
  • Crystals
  • Nutritional Advice & Detoxification 
  • Hair Tissue Analysis
  • Counselling