Below you will find Pure Plant Medicines availble in various sizes. The range includes Pure Essential Oils,  Spritzers and coming soon… much more. All Essential Oils are preferred Certified Organic, but due to international restrictions, legislations and all that jibber jabber ~ some just cannot meet the criteria but the Oil remains pure and organically uncertified.

Oils are available in 2 sizes: 10ml & 40ml Bottles.

Sprays are also availble in 2 sizes: 50ml & 100ml.

 An extensive amount of time has been put in to researching & gathering records of the documented historical uses of each plant. This information is available to you in the ‘Oils Description’ attached to each oil. Please make great use of it. Please also consider that this information is a portion of what is available to you. You will find some helpful information that may be able to assist you in a greater healing potential.  Please remember that nothing is more powerful than your intuition, so use is wisely. We do not take responsibility for any interactions or outcomes of using Intenshen oils or other Medicinal Products available here at House of Shen.
With so much Love x