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About Intenshen Oils



Intenshen for a  greater good.

Every bottle that is sold is supporting “Save the Bees Australia”. Thats great! But it doesnt stop there. As this prayer continues to blossom, it is moving towards becoming a offical registered non-for proft organisation- the only thing getting in the way is sharing the news.

 So why did Save the Bees Australia choose to collaborate with Intenshen Oils over other leading companies that provide equally good products?  

= Authenticy, Integrity and Truth.

What it means to be Holistic? 

Holistic greatly translates to “considering the whole”. 

Intenshen Oils continues to educates us with how to authentically use Oils in a ‘Holistic’ manner. Intenshen Oils encourages us to engage with the Mind, Body, Emotion & Spirit for the greater healing potential….. and lets remember the constant love & support we are recieveing from Mother Earth, Pachamama, Gaia and the great Green Lady. This is why we choose to support the survival of the Bees. Great Bee spirit shared this with me one day whilst visiting my Oil meditation. Without the Bees, we have no plants, no future and no healing with her. 

Intenshen Oils brings great attention to the fact that Energy Matters. That from the very start of the Oil making process,  effects are happening, the vibrational potency of your Oil is exposed and can interferre within the healing work.  This is what it means to be classed ‘Ceremonial Grade’ ~ Intenshen Oils empowers the Plants spirit to be present and that purification is necessary after the handling process. Every oil has been purified and activated to return to the original nature and purpose of the plant….. Grow towards the light. These Oils are light carriers ready for your Intenshen.

You will not have to travel far to hear the stories of the great healing work that Intenshen Oils are set out to do. On every level, they are ready for healing. 

Intenshen Oils remains with integrity to deliver these light carriers so they are affordable and pure. If we have expensive healing tools, we tend not to use them as much. This is of no service for the light here on Mother Earth ~ we encourage you to play and ignite your senses again… return home, deep within your sanctuary of self. It is so needed on the Earth right now.

Intenshen Oils communicates with truth by empowering us to be guided by our intuition and not enforced to consume by implications of pyramid schemes, minimum spends, contracts and all that dark matter of Business… I invite you to use your nose, your hearts to feel into the plants. Please get in touch if you need more information ~ I would love to help.


Creating a Greater Healing Experience using Intenshen Essential Oils?

Please note: “Spirit” is refered to = prana, chi, qi, life force, vibration, energy and so on.

Smell is a vibration. Plants have spirit.

  1. INTENTION- Is the starting process of everything that we do. Intention is simply your purpose. Studies have proven that when we engage in our Mind purpose (not brain) we automatically start to produce the correct proprioception for this action. We set up the biochemistry in the body to recieve it. Extraordinary. 
  2. SMELL SMELL SMELL. – The olfactory is one of the most powerful sense organs. It works 300 times more effective than any other vibrational sense. By simply smelling you have the ability to change the whole vibrational composure of your Mind, Body & Emotions. Come along and learn more about this incredible gift of smell at one of the workshops hosted by your local retailer.  Once we have arrived in this state of being, we are able to access the highest potential of ourselves, our spiritual insight. We will recieve guidance here.
  3. FEEL & PLAY-. Once we have shifted from the brain into the Mind eye, the ceremony of healing can begin. The plants vibration is working with you.  Feel into the body. Ask youself: What is beneath my stresses? what is best to do about it?How can I love myself more now? Trust yourself, trust your nose, trust your intuition. Heal my beloveds.  

What Oil is good for what?


Its true, there are different plants that are more suited to specific conditions, you can see a few brief descriptions under each oil. This is based off our history and relationship with the plant kingdom, but nothing is a powerful as your intuition. You can get endless information on how each plant has anti- bacterial this, and anti-fungal that… but look at the truth of the plants= they all have components that have resistance from insects bacteria. That is another reason why it is NOT recommended to ingest Oils! Instead of adding in lemon oil in your drink, squeeze a fresh lemon instead! We have been doing it this way for millennia. (plus, do we really need that extra carbon footprint when we could be growing such divine herbs in our garden/ balcony or local community garden)


Basically what I am trying to say is this, ‘you have the ability to navigate your own healing with your nose and your intuition’, I suggest stop reading off fact sheets and start looking inwards for the answers, the plants will help you get there, not do the work for you.


With Love x




How to activate a greater healing experience using Essential Oil.

Why Intenshen Oils are different to other Essential Oil companies.

Here is a video that shares truth about Ingesting Essential Oils.

Things to know about Intenshen Oils  

  • They are all 100% Pure Ceremonial Grade Essential Oils.  All oils are selected from the origin of the plant. Some because of this, are not recognised under the Australian Organic Certification laws. 
  • All oils are pure, powerful and ready for healing.
  • Intenshen Oils has been a 4 year project that has grown only from the support and healing of the people who have experienced the oils.
  • I am open to disussion about adding to the range if you feel that you have something that is a powerful healer. Please get in touch.
  • They are all HAND bottled and labelled with love and clear intentions. Due to the flow of nature, sometimes your label may not be completely perfect -because I am perfectly imperfect.
  • The consistency of the oils varies, this is because every plant and season is different to the next. Also, temperature can effect the texture. Myrrh is a classic example.
  • Each bottle has been purified from low grade vibrations and is ready for your activation.  
  • A brief description is under each oil, these descriptions are from historical recordings of the plant & human interaction when treating dis-ease. These descriptions are not to be used as gospel and your intuition is the highest form of intelligence. The plants have a lot more bio-chemical
    properties that and are not named in these descriptions and I suggest further research into them for your own safety & wellbeing. You are also welcome to come to a short course or journey.
  • POSTAGE- I use as much recycled material as possible. So much care is given to get them safe from me to you but they world is a bit fast (and nuts) and if there is any breakages/ leakages on arrival please get in touch and I will assist you with this hiccup.


Want to be a retailer?

I would love this to grow worldwide, but I need you to spread the word.

  • I do not have a marketing team, and the growth of this is in the hands of the people who believe in it. If you have a local provider that you feel would love to be a part of something beautiful, please reach out. 
  • The desire to place greater value in relationship than  business is one of my commitments to integrity. No I will not trap you in contracts or minimum spends. Lets create truth in relationship and work from communication of hearts to hearts.
  • You will have to pay for your postage. Average $10-35 in Australia- Overseas is different depending. Yes I would love to expand overseas. Get in touch!
  • Every retailer will have to communicate with me first, I suggest that everyone who becomes a retailer to donate $25 to ‘Save the bees’ Australia. You dont have to, but, this is because you access them at the wholesale prices and I cant donate from my wholesale accounts. The $25 would be considered more like a gift. A gift of love if you hear this call. 
  • Easy online ordering is available. I have finally got a kick ass shop that you can order from. (well the content is building, but the platform is awesome). You will recieve a code that gives you access to the wholesale account. This is given to you in trust that you do not exploit me. Please dont xxx

Where else you can find our LightWorkers?


We are in LOVE with supporting our retailers. Below is a list of harmonious tones that play in our Song.


MOUNTAIN SPIRIT    2/3 Gippsland Rd Jindabyne, Australia 2627

MOONTREE     8-10 Vale St Cooma, NSW, Australia  02 6452 2841 

ELIIT Therapies & Body Balance Studio 8/ 346 Galston Rd, Galston Sydney- 0455 455 398 

Earth Bubz: /

 Shamanic Earth Medicine:

 SalemCharming: Erika 0400 787 398

 Illawara Healing Place: 2/66 Central Avenue, Oak Flats NSW.

 Spa Seminya: 

 My True Colours: Terrigal NSW, 0406 332 108

 Genesis of Health: Anastasia 0402 304 317. 7/324 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville NSW


Want to Host an Essential Oil Workshop?

Sounds like a great idea and I would love to come and play. Have a look on the workshop page for more information on Workshops and Short Courses and……. Get in touch!

Donating to protect the survival of our bees and our future


So I have teamed up with a great guy down in Victoria- his name is Simon & he is the creator of SaveTheBeesAustralia/ BeeTheCure . He is working just as hard as I am to create a positive impact and bring awareness to the communities.. I understand that we are taking a lot from the Earth with the use of Essential Oils and what is on the market today has no intentions of restoring it….. well I DO! I see the importance of giving back what we take, ensuring the cycle is… well… cyclcle ! Great Bee spirit showed me the way!. Other than the start up fee for retailers I am moving towards being the first NON-FOR-PROFIT Essential Oil Distributor. The only thing getting in the way is the registration, once this has been made, all the profits will be going to “Save the Bees Australia” YAY!!!!

Keep reading to hear a little more about it… straight from Simon himself.

“Bees have thrived on earth for over 140 millions years and have been companions of humanity for over 10000 years. Worshiped, honoured and respected throughout the ages.

Today bees are in crisis. Last year 80 percent of honeybees did not survive the winters in Europe and America. Agricultural chemicals and the parasitic Varroa mite are to blame for the die offs. Not only have honeybee colonies been collapsing but thousands of indigenous bees including the Australian blue banded bees are under threat.

Bees pollinate the food we eat and indicate the health of the environment . Bees are the ‘canary in the coal mine’: if bees die, so do we.

Europe has recently banned a insecticide called neonicotinoids and restricted the use of the herbicide glyphosate . Bayer/Monsanto make billions of dollars out of these deadly chemicals.

If they are harming bees they are harming us.”

~ Simon @ “Bee the Cure”

Please sign the petitions to get them banned in Australia.

To help save the bees needs a collective effort…the solution is beautiful.

Plant flowers for bees… lavender, rosemary, sage and borage.

End the warning weeds mow your lawn less, bees love weeds like clover and dandelions. Teach your children
about the importance of bees and support your local beekeeper and local organic growers.

You can find your local beekeeper on the honeymap.

Please sign these petitions:

We believe if bees thrive humanity can thrive.

We have a focus on educating children about the importance of pollination and the rolls indigenous bees play. Founder Simon Mulvany has personally saved over 400 colonies of honeybees that were due to be exterminated.

He regularly attends at schools and community group. The enterprise is often featured in mainstream media with special emphasis on the campaigns calling for pesticides to be banned and to stop the suspicious importing of honey. Honey adulteration mostly from China is hurting Australian Beekeepers.

We are the voice for small business we have created a honeymap that has been viewed over 500000 times connecting consumers to beekeepers.

Please sign and share the petition. We currently have 84,000 signatures calling for imported honey to be banned or at least labelled with country of origin.

Follow Save The Bees Australia on Facebook

Save The Bees Australia

Or send donations directly to:

Bee The Cure ABN 58973137768
Bendigo Bank
BSB 633000
Acc 153832084

PayPal: /Beethecure