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About Intenshen Oils

The oldest traditions or religions believe that SPIRIT is the highest form of medicine. Throughout time we relied on a  deep relationship with our relatives on planet earth and let me assure you, on todays ‘market’ we are only being persuaded to rely upon facts sheets to fix us. Our relationship with plants & animals has be forgotten…but I am here to remind you. 

If you have not heard of OR do not believe in ‘energy/ spirit/ frequency’  (whatever you choose to name it) OR that it does not effects our physical being…… then I invite you to explore the conditioned perception of the world as you know it.  Here at Intenshen Oils we practice utilising the innate ability to heal the Mind & Body in relationship with the Spirit of the Plants. If you are already familiar with the energetic system of humankind, then well done, keep going… 

I welcome you here my brothers & sisters! …to Intenshen’s 100% Pure Essential Oils. With Love x 

What you will find here is information on how to unlock lighter states of being when using Essential Oils for you, your loved ones or your clients……YES THAT’S RIGHT…with most “brands” of Essential Oils you will be able to practice these teachings. In fact these teachings can be applied to EVERYTHING you do! (watch videos below)

First! A little IMPORTANT overview on oils: Most oils on todays shelves are good enough to use..   BUT the difference is : 1. The relationship you have with yourself when using them.    2. Energetic handling. Every thought, contact, machinery that has been made with these medicines has altered the frequency of the oil (imagine where your oil has come from). 3.The persuasion of marketing & pyramid schemes to trick you into buying something purely because someone wants to sell it!! Not because you actually might need it (this promotes a state of confusion, lack of empowerment and dependency on their advice to know you better than you know yourself). 4. Where the money ends up? At least with Intenshen you know its supporting the survival of our Bees. 

Please Note:  I DO NOT CHOOSE to be a part of this sinister trickery of pyramid schemes. I choose to EMPOWER you to recognise the potential we all have to heal. All the Oils have been purified, cleansed, energetically aligned for the highest form of healing, for you. All my retailers & I are connected with TRUST, TRUTH, INTEGRITY and NO BUSINESS CONTRACTS.  MY INTENTION is to provide pure essential oils with integrity and the truth of my holy being.To supply oils to all that which to use them, not just the rich to be able to afford them.  If you have already purchased Intenshen’s Oils off the shelf, you have actively chosen to support the survival of our bees, the retailer has already donated on your behalf. How cool is that. Help me spread the news, tell your friends that their is someone out there trying to stop the business propaganda of the Essential Oil industry. THIS IS HEALING! ITS SACRED! 

Now, back to Activating Greater Healing Experiences. Below is a few short videos that I have put together to help you to understand something complex, expansive, endless and real. If you are interested in understanding more, then get in touch. I also organise journeys and 1 on 1 healings.  

Lets Start.













How to activate a greater healing experience using Essential Oil.

Why Intenshen Oils are different to other Essential Oil companies.

Here is a video that shares truth about Ingesting Essential Oils.

Important things to know about Intenshen Oils


  • They are all 100% PURE ESSENTIAL OILS! All oils are selected from the origin of the plant. Some times the Earth cannot keep up with the demand so in some cases the location changes.(I will tell you when  it does)
  • They are all hand bottled and labelled with love and clear intentions. Due to the flow of nature, sometimes your label may not be completely perfect -because I am perfectly imperfect.  Please note that the sticker is a energetic protective cloak designed by me for this reason. 
  • The consistency of the oils varies- yes, each plant/ crop is different to the next, this means the amount that may be poured out could change with each bottle. Use with caution. I also have found 1 in 100 pourers that are inconsistent. I cannot check each one I use so if you have this one- apologies and get in contact and I am happy to assist a change for you.
  • Each bottle has been intentionally made with the vibration that is awaiting your activation. It is important to watch the activation video so you can activate your intenshen.
  • A brief description is under each oil, these descriptions are from historical recordings of the plant & human interaction when treating dis-ease. These descriptions are not to be used as gospel and your intuition is the highest form of intelligence. The plants have a lot more bio-chemical
    properties that and are not named in these descriptions and I suggest further research into them for your own safety & wellbeing. You are also welcome to come to a short course or journey.
  • POSTAGE- I use as much recycled material as possible. So much care is given to get them safe from me to you but they world is a bit fast (and nuts) and if there is any breakages/ leakages on arrival please get in touch and I will assist you with this hiccup.
  • Did you also know that this whole project has been started with no profits! Its been lead by the seers, believers and dreamers of truth!!! BOOM!!  



Want to be a retailer?

This is how it works:

  • You will have to meet a criteria to stock these light carrying oils. That criteria is simple. You must operate from your Heart with pure intentions to greater you community. Sounds like you? Get in touch!! 
  • No contracts ! No minimum spends! NO PYRAMID SCHEMES!!! I choose to trust that you will do the right thing with the accessibility of wholesale prices- sound like you? Get in touch!
  • You will have to pay for your postage. Average $9-$15 in Australia- Overseas is different… get in touch!
  • EVERY retailer will have to donate $25 to start up this vision. 100% of this money goes directly to supporting the survival of our bees. (read more below) Why? Because it shows you are committed to this project and feel the call of truth and you are happy to donate towards something beautiful.
  • Easy online ordering is available.

Find Intenshen Retailers near you…..

(I feel it is important to support the local business’s that are supporting you! If you feel you are doing something great for your community, then you could be a retailer too!! )

MOUNTAIN SPIRIT    2/3 Gippsland Rd Jindabyne, Australia 2627

Other than supporting INTENSHEN OILS this is how Mountain Spirit is making a Positive Impact! Hi my name is Kerry, I am a Mother of two and I own & manage Mountain Spirit & Alpine Body Temple Massage in Jindabyne. I have always offered my service to the community with holistic massage and started my passion of fabric in the markets. Over the years it grew to what it is now but I stay true and committed to the genuine nature of hand selecting all my items from small towns or villages from places like Kenya, Cambodia, India and Peru to name a few. It just warms my heart to see the smiles on the locals faces when I by all there stock which allows them to flourish with funds to support their community and family. In exchange for authentic traditional woven materials- they receive the possibility of health & wellbeing. 

MOONTREE     8-10 Vale St Cooma, NSW, Australia  02 6452 2841

Other than supporting INTENSHEN OILS this is how Moontree is making a positive impact! G’day- We are Bob & Anne and we go way back in our commitments to support health, wellbeing and above all NATURE! We are a family owned + run business that has been providing the Snowy Mountains region with local & organic produce for over 10yrs. Regardless of the mass amount of work involved to grow our business we are committed to providing honest and helpful recommendation when the people need it, it is important to us- and have helped many on the way to recovery- by no means are we ‘telling others’ what to do but providing a alternate opportunity for them to explore- which is needed amongst the mass media influence. We are fastidious on recycling and not a paper too small! Our venue offers unpackaged bulk goods, fresh organic fruits/ vege/ dairy/ meats and a large selection of genuine local honey !!! We also provide a free delivery service to our sister communities. 

ELIIT Therapies & Body Balance Studio 8/ 346 Galston Rd, Galston Sydney- 0455 455 398

Other than supporting INTENSHEN OILS this is how Eliit is making a positive impact! Hi I’m Inge, the Founder and  Director of Eliit Therapies and Body Balance Studio  in Galston. A boutique studio where we offer a range of services from one on one training, Yoga, pilates and aerial fitness. I am passionate about health and fitness and helping individuals achieve their goals. My classes are playful, interesting and continually evolving. Each day and moment is different , as with each person. I pride myself around being able to tune into this- in return this offers a nurturing touch whilst you can manage your personal goals. The space I create is unique and versatile for all levels of fitness. There is room to find stillness in my practices, which I find important in our busy lives. I currently offer extra care and support for people going through illness or injury and I can see the difference in the community when people leave my room as they express alignment, strength and a sense of centredness which I know ultimately provides greater choices in their daily life.



Want to Host an Essential Oil Workshop?

Sounds like a great idea and I would love to come and play. Have a look on the workshop page for more information on Workshops and Short Courses and……. Get in touch!

Donating to protect the survival of our bees and our future


So I have teamed up with a great guy down in Victoria- his name is Simon & he is the creator of SaveTheBeesAustralia/ BeeTheCure . He is working just as hard as I am to create a positive impact and bring awareness to the communities.. I understand that we are taking a lot from the Earth with the use of Essential Oils and what is on the market today has no intentions of restoring it….. well I DO! I see the importance of giving back what we take, ensuring the cycle is… well… cyclcle ! Great Bee spirit showed me the way!. Other than the start up fee, each bottle of LAVENDER, CHAMMOMILE, ROSEMARY & SAGE bought online with me, the profits get donated. Spread the word!!!

Keep reading to hear a little more about it… straight from Simon himself.

“Bees have thrived on earth for over 140 millions years and have been companions of humanity for over 10000 years. Worshiped, honoured and respected throughout the ages.

Today bees are in crisis. Last year 80 percent of honeybees did not survive the winters in Europe and America. Agricultural chemicals and the parasitic Varroa mite are to blame for the die offs. Not only have honeybee colonies been collapsing but thousands of indigenous bees including the Australian blue banded bees are under threat.

Bees pollinate the food we eat and indicate the health of the environment . Bees are the ‘canary in the coal mine’: if bees die, so do we.

Europe has recently banned a insecticide called neonicotinoids and restricted the use of the herbicide glyphosate . Bayer/Monsanto make billions of dollars out of these deadly chemicals.

If they are harming bees they are harming us.”

~ Simon @ “Bee the Cure”

Please sign the petitions to get them banned in Australia.

To help save the bees needs a collective effort…the solution is beautiful.

Plant flowers for bees… lavender, rosemary, sage and borage.

End the warning weeds mow your lawn less, bees love weeds like clover and dandelions. Teach your children
about the importance of bees and support your local beekeeper and local organic growers.

You can find your local beekeeper on the honeymap.

Please sign these petitions:

We believe if bees thrive humanity can thrive.

We have a focus on educating children about the importance of pollination and the rolls indigenous bees play. Founder Simon Mulvany has personally saved over 400 colonies of honeybees that were due to be exterminated.

He regularly attends at schools and community group. The enterprise is often featured in mainstream media with special emphasis on the campaigns calling for pesticides to be banned and to stop the suspicious importing of honey. Honey adulteration mostly from China is hurting Australian Beekeepers.

We are the voice for small business we have created a honeymap that has been viewed over 500000 times connecting consumers to beekeepers.

Please sign and share the petition. We currently have 84,000 signatures calling for imported honey to be banned or at least labelled with country of origin.

Follow Save The Bees Australia on Facebook

Save The Bees Australia

Or send donations directly to:

Bee The Cure ABN 58973137768
Bendigo Bank
BSB 633000
Acc 153832084

PayPal: /Beethecure