About Intension Oils

Let me show you how to use the most ancient medicine known to man kind. 

WHY Intenshen Oils are so important for us & mother earth. 

I supply a actively conscious product and understand how to work with plant vibrations, spirit and energetics.

This is a NON- FOR- PROFIT project created by Me. 

I have a vision to change the world for the greater good….. who’s with me? 

Ceremonial Bottling

I cant explain this in words… if you know your altar you will understand. The utmost respect, care, love & light is being carried in these little 10ml light workers. They are ready to meet you. 

Don’t Ingest!

I strongly believe & suggest eating whole foods as a form on ingestible medicine. 

Giving our stomach the job to figure it out how to unravel the energetic stress doesn’t make sense and reminds me a lot like ingesting pills.  You must interact with the senses to be guided to wellness- this is how the light can come through, how the stored memories can be released. 

No Marketing or Tier Systems!

Nature does not need to be beautified or marketed . Its so perfect. I do not believe in Teir “one person gets rich” kind of healing. I see this has the potential to change the world , through conscious living and taking care of our planet, so our children children can also be blessed to experience it these medicines.

Our mother earth is providing us a gift….. pure and simple, thats the most important thing- natural medicine does not need to become a fashion or a sales pitch. 

AND ….

…it feels good to be grateful.

High Quality & Affordable

I want people to heal naturally and more often. Using these oils in your daily life is essential to live a high vibrational life. If they are too expensive, we just won’t do that. 

Inviting all to engage in a more relaxed life with oils supports them to make more connected decisions therefore effecting the environment around them, creating a rippling effect for our community & world. 

2018- Donating Profits. 

3 Years into spreading the word of Intenshen Oils, it was in 2018 that another layer of light cam on through.  How can we be claiming to be ‘holistic’ when we are not even being holistic…. We are not considering the whole. Our Mother Earth. Heal with our mother for our mother. 

Come and be apart of something special. If every person used intenshen oils world wide… we could raise a lot of money that goes back into whats important. Our Earth.

Spread the word, share the posts, buy these as gifts… that how we can do it. 

Do you have a awesome project ? Get in touch.